Although the store has closed, Yuki would like to keep this site open so he can stay in touch with anyone interested in bonsai or ikebana.

Closing soon

Zen Floral Studio has run since 2002 offering mainly fresh cut flowers and bonsai.  It has become more and more difficult to keep going partly because of my back problems which have gradually worsened after fourteen years of this work, particularly in the last two years..  Adding to this, two of my best Japanese wholesale suppliers were closed last year.   It has become much more difficult for me to obtain good bonsai trees as well as various bonsai soils, pots and tools.  After much deliberation, I have come to the difficult conclusion that it is time to make a change.  For both myself and my family, I have decided to close my shop.  I still plan to carry on keeping bonsai and teaching Ikebana from my home.

I am deeply grateful to all customers for your kindness, loyalty, support and understanding all these years.

Welcome to Zen Floral Studio

Zen Floral Studio floral arrangements were created with heart and soul contributing to our unique style.

Ikebana is a Japanese style flower arrangement that is highly refined from an aesthetic point of view.

Bonsai Workshop 2016 #2

Are you interested in making your own bonsai? We are holding a bonsai-making workshop on Sunday June 5th. You can learn how to make your own bonsai! All other materials (plant, pot, wire, etc.) are included in the workshop fee $125. If you or someone you know would like to sign up for the workshop – contact us at 250-727-0056!



Banko Yaki Ikebana Suiban Sale.  30% Off  limited availability.


Spring Sale

Big Sale on now!! Up to 50% off of most items in store. Come in and get a great deal!

Temporary closing Zen Floral Studio


We will be closed March 10 – April 4. If you need me, please contact .

Sorry for the inconvenience

Latest News

New Item for Ikebana

Sun and Moon Kenzan (L,M,S),  Kenzan mat (round, Rectangle), Kenzan Straightener, Rectangle Ikebana dish (black gloss), Koryu Ikebana Shears. Look under “Other Products” to see some of our newest Ikebana products.

Christmas Special! 

“Ikebana Starter Set” only $100.00 (regular price $131.97)

—– Ikebana dish $69.99 (reg), Black kenzan $24.99 (reg), Ikebana shears $39.99 (reg)—–

This special discount is only for the set.

Ikebana set

The Jukai Ceremony with Victoria Zen Centre at UVic Interfaith Chapel.





We did an ikebana presentation for the Gordon Head Garden Club In May.  Everyone there was so enthusiastic and we enjoyed a good discussion about flowers and ikebana.




The Annual Celebration of Buddha’s birthday with Victoria Zen Centre at UVic Interfaith Chapel.




Bonsai workshop: making a small bonsai of Shimpaku juniper


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