Japanese style flower arrangement

Yukiyasu Kato: Certified Instructor of Sogetsu Ikebana

草月流生け花教室  (Sogetsu Ikebana Course)
草月流師範 加藤梢楓

Ikebana is the art of Japanese flower arrangement. In contrast with Western-style arrangements, Ikebana uses very few flowers and is very simple and elegant, allowing the viewer (and the creator) to more deeply appreciate the beauty of each stem or branch.

Taking the time to see the character in the materials and to choose the best way to place the flowers gives one an improved sense of balance.

The Sogetsu School of Ikebana is one of many ‘schools’ of Ikebana in Japan. While the different schools are all based on the same fundamentals, they do differ in various ways.

Sogetsu happens to be one of the newest and most progressive schools of ikebana today.

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Yes, You can Learn Sogetsu Ikebana

My classes are available by appointment.

I would be happy to discuss a convenient time and day to schedule your lesson(s)!


The classes usually last from 45minutes to 1hour.

A single lesson will give you a taste of what is involved in ikebana and you will learn to make a basic arrangement.

I am able to teach various levels — Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced. Beginners course introduces the student to the basic techniques and styles that are the foundation of many ikebana arrangements.

Intermediate and Advanced courses are available for further exploration and in-depth study of ikebana . They allow the student to advance to the freestyle level in which they are able to exercise their imagination and creativity, guided by their improved sense of balance and perspective. My small class courses are designed to cater specifically to your design aspirations and skills.

Single Lessons are $30.

To contact me, please send me a message at yukiyasu52@gmail.com.

Ikebana demonstration for Harumi Ota Gallery

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