Ikebana and Bonsai Related Products

 石崎剣山 Ishizaki Kenzan – Niigata Japan

black kenzan
黒剣山 Black Kenzan (Electroplated) With rubber base for slip and scratch resistance
Kenzan Mat (S)
New item. Rubber Kenzan Mat: These are great! They prevent slipping and protect your container from scratches and rust!… Must have!! Great stocking stuffer for Ikebana practicioners.
Kensan sun & moon (s)
Another new item, Sun and moon two piece kenzan. We have this in three sizes.

鋏   Shears (Mimatsu Kaneshika – Niigata Japan)

Ikenobo Ikebana Shears  美松 池ノ坊 (金鹿工具製作所)
Bonsai Trimming Shears  美松 小枝切鋏 (金鹿工具製作所)
Koryu Ikebana Shears  美松 古流 (金鹿工具製作所)
Okubo General Gardening Shears  美松 大久保鋏 (金鹿工具製作所)
Kenzan Straightener  剣山直し
A variety of Ikebana dishes  生け花用水盤


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