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New Item for Ikebana

Sun and Moon Kenzan (L,M,S),  Kenzan mat (round, Rectangle), Kenzan Straightener, Rectangle Ikebana dish (black gloss), Koryu Ikebana Shears. Look under “Other Products” to see some of our newest Ikebana products.

Christmas Special! 

“Ikebana Starter Set” only $100.00 (regular price $131.97)

—– Ikebana dish $69.99 (reg), Black kenzan $24.99 (reg), Ikebana shears $39.99 (reg)—–

This special discount is only for the set.

Ikebana set

The Jukai Ceremony with Victoria Zen Centre at UVic Interfaith Chapel.





We did an ikebana presentation for the Gordon Head Garden Club In May.  Everyone there was so enthusiastic and we enjoyed a good discussion about flowers and ikebana.




The Annual Celebration of Buddha’s birthday with Victoria Zen Centre at UVic Interfaith Chapel.




Bonsai workshop: making a small bonsai of Shimpaku juniper


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